Pre-Release Checklist

  1. Ensure compilation on a variety of platforms*, pref with several compilers (gcc-2.7.2, gcc-2.8.1, egcs-1.1.2, gcc-2.95) with "-W -Wall"
  2. Minimize the number of compiler warnings: none should come up without -W -Wall explicitly and very few even with these flags.
  3. Check all components for obvious faults.
  4. Test on, any other important test websites, and test suite.
  5. Run LeakTester, checker, purify or equivalent memory-leak detector.
  6. Run gprof and generate a profile report of *at least* htdig and htsearch.
  7. Re-run steps 1-5 as needed (e.g. if other steps introduce significant changes).
  8. Make a snapshot as a pre-release candidate.

Release Checklist

  1. Update .version
  2. Update README
  3. Update htdocs (check RELEASE.html and copy ChangeLog)
  4. Update htdocs/THANKS.html
  5. Tag the CVS tree for release.
  6. Make a release tar.
  7. Make a release diff.
  8. Sync maindocs and htdig3/htdocs, ensuring the next website update will include the new version.
  9. Upload the tar and diff to files
  10. Make announcements (,,,, ...)

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